Case Studies

Calling REST API’s directly from an Oracle database

Cloud Integration : calling REST API’s directly from the Oracle database, without using an integration platform such as Informatica

OA Framework and Data Encryption

An OA Framework custom application to enter and maintain sensitive data, which is saved in an encrypted format

OA Framework : an example of a “callback” interface

An OA Framework callback interface to allow a cloud application to send a response to Oracle eBusiness Suite

Customising Oracle eBusiness Suite : Process-Oriented Ways of Working

Environment strategy, source control, automated code deployment : the following article appeared in Oracle Scene…

Oracle Discoverer : an R12 Upgrade Strategy

A systematic approach to the upgrade and deployment of Discoverer EUL objects and worksheets can greatly ease the pain during a Release 12 Upgrade

Oracle R12 Sub-Ledger Accounting – a Technical Overview

In Oracle Release 12, the Sub-Ledger Accounting module stores the links between General Ledger journal lines, and the sub-ledger transactions from whence they came

Implementing Oracle eBusiness Suite : Data Migration Strategy

Before embarking on an Oracle eBusiness Suite Implementation project, the importance of devising a robust Data Migration Strategy is discussed

Oracle Projects : Building a custom WebADI Interface

A custom “Capital Projects Integrator”, to ease the creation of Oracle Fixed Assets, based on data extracted from Oracle’s Project Accounting module

Oracle Payables : Supplier Maintenance Audit Report

An XML-published report to list all business-critical changes to Supplier setup (bank details, for example), using Oracle Applications audit tables

Building an OA Framework Custom Application : A Step-by-Step Guide

Example : Creating an OA-Framework-version of the Extra Information Type screens in core Oracle HRMS

Implementing a View-Object Extension in OA Framework

A step-by-step guide for the build and deployment of a view-object extension in Oracle iExpenses